Business Proposal

The hostel  Augusters in Macao was closed due to new regulations of the Macao Government.

The clientele consisted mainly of young travellers and students, who cannot afford, or do not have the desire to pay the regular prices for an ordinary hotel room. Close to 100% of all guests found their way to the Augusters Lodge by the internet. Comments from travellers are positive throughout. Especially during the high season the hostel with its three rooms could not nearly meet the demand, nor the expected rising demand within the near future. If one wants to look for an affordable stay in Macao he has to come across to Augusters Lodge. There is no way around. Other places offering similar service are hard to find, are not listed in the internet and - as far as we know - not  maintained to European standards, which for the owner always has been a conditio sine qua non.

The focus is to rent or – due to the rising prices of property in Macao – preferably purchase a loft, house, or a space and convert the rooms available into dorms and doubles, thus increasing the total occupancy instantaneously.

With his proven knowledge, the research of the market situation and the establishment of a successful - but
unfortunately – small business, with its perfect placement within the internet, the owner has already accomplished most of his road map towards a successful reopening of his business.

The key factor of the project described, is the availability of sufficient funds, to purchase/rent and refurbish an appropriate location and comply with the new regulations of the Macao  Government rules. In order to accomplish a smooth start for the new lodge, we are looking for a sound and  reliable investor.

Let us bring back a business back to life, a business with a a perfect reputation, as stated in Lonely Planet, Rough Guide and other publications.

Serious inquiries please email to: wb(at)harleys.de

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